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Please note all floral items are CUSTOM made and may not be exact to picture.

We try to create items as close as possible to picture, however some items are not available at all times, so we may need to substitute .

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tussie bout


 Natural Boutonniere

Natural Boutonnieres created using

faux wheat, grasses

and berries wrapped in your

color choice of ribbon .

These are artificial , but look very real.


Tussie Mussie Boutonniere

Unique silver holder makes for an

elegant boutonniere.

Metal holder comes in gold and silver

can be created with any type of flowers

$15.00 each


Silk Rose Boutonniere

for the groom and his groomsmen.
Boutonnieres can be made to match bridal flo

or each one can be very specific.
The groom of course should receive

the most elaborate of the boutonnieres.



 Natural Boutonniere with

Berries . $8.50 each


Double Rose Boutonniere 

$9.50 each


 Calla Boutonniere (right) $10.

Micro Mini Calla boutonniere

(left) $8.50 each

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